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Absorbers & Boosters

Bamboo Absorbent Inserts and Night Boosters

  • Night Booster Twin Pack Night Boosters

    Night Booster Twin Pack

    When baby starts sleeping longer than a few hours at a time, you might need to think about adding some extra absorbency to your nappy with a Night Booster. Just add it to the Bamboo Absorber and you'll bump up the absorbency to 500ml (that's up to 12 hrs...

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  • Bamboo Absorber Bamboo Absorber

    Bamboo Absorber - for "ONE" Size Pea Pods Nappies

    Pea Pods ONE Size nappies come with a bamboo absorbent insert. Also available separately, it makes an economical way to expand your nappy collection.... just swap it for another at change time if the outer cover is still dry. They're ultra absorbent and...

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