What's not to love about these nappies?! They are SO easy to use, even hubby can't muck it up! They are great for bubs, no nasty chemicals. Great for the environment, no sending bags and bags of disposables into landfill. Great on my finances, not spending thousands on nappies and wipes (we use the bamboo ones from Pea Pods too!). AND they are so easy to clean, no soaking required, even when you look at the nappy and think, no way is a quick wash going to fix that....hey presto it does! We air dry ours, so not even spending extra on drying them!!! 


The best feature on these nappies is the adjustable leg elastic, just love it! It's so easy to adjust as my baby grows and they will last him from birth to toilet training. These one size nappies are excellent value for money and it's great to support an Australian company. 


I just wanted to say thanks for creating the new one-sized nappy. I have used Pea Pods for both of my girls (now 2 & 1) & even the first nappies I purchased are still going strong wash after wash. The new one-sized nappies are the best yet & I especially love the adjustable leg elastic, which is a unique feature to other "one-sized" nappies. They are also much simpler to use, less bulky and are very reasonably priced. They come in lots of fun colours to suit the outfit or the mood (I especially love the red ones)! I have & will continue to recommend them to any new mum looking for a reliable reusable nappy.


I'd just like to let you know I've had the chance to use the new ONE Size Pea Pods and really like it. The adjustable elastic around the legs is great. My six week old must have skinny legs because he tends to get leaks around the legs, so I put the elastic on the XS setting and no leaks! I wish all my nappies had this feature. Also I like the option of putting the insert inside the pocket or snapping it on the outside. And the new swirl print is really cute. Thumbs up, great product! 


I have to say that your new pea pods are wonderful. The adjustable legs are very good and they fit much better. The inserts are much improved. Well done. They were worth the wait.


Just a note to let you know how impressed I am with your nappies and service. Very happy!


I would like to express my absolute delight to find a product that works just as good if not better than a disposable. They are cute enough for my boy to walk around with out pants which he loves, and they are a slender fit so they fit perfectly under clothes. Other products I have tried were not much better than a cloth nappy with one wee and having to change him. I am so happy I have asked all my relatives to buy them for him for Christmas. Thanks for this amazing product.


Thanks. Just had an email to say the parcel arrived Friday Ghana time. Pea Pods are perfect for the UER Ghana where there is no sewer, no septic, water is purchased in 20 litre containers and all washing is done by hand in a bucket. 


The nappies are fantastic!! They fit snugly and are so absorbent!! I am very happy with them!! My daughter wore one to bed last night and woke up dry!! She sleeps for bout 13hrs, so I was very surprised!! I have had a lot of trouble with disposables leaking through the night, so I am very happy that she woke up dry! 

Thanks for your quick and pleasant customer service, I love the Pea Pods thank you. Great product, my son is an Environmental Scientist and he thinks Pea Pods should be made compulsory, especially on Islands were waste disposal is a real problem.


Dear Pea Pods, I wish to thank you for your prompt delivery of my order. I placed this order on Friday and received my delivery on Tuesday. I am astounded at how cute these nappies are and have already converted a fellow pregnant friend into a fancier of these adorable items! Thanks again and I look forward to being a regular visitor to your website and an avid user of your products!


Hi, I wanted to let you know the nappies arrived Friday afternoon & we have given them a good test run over the weekend. My first impressions of the nappies are SOFT SOFT SOFT!!!! I know bamboo is soft but these are just delicious. They are incredibly trim. We put them on baby as soon as we unwrapped the package and they were very absorbent. I can only imagine they will get better the more they are washed. There was no leakage or wicking around the legs. 

I really do love these nappies. I like the softness of the PUL & fleece, and combined with the softness of bamboo, these must be one of the trimmest & most absorbent nappies around. Thank You again for sending me these nappies. Your service is absolutely second-to-none.


I was thinking about your clever product and comfort is mentioned in the blurb , but as a mum, early childhood teacher and someone who cares about this world I can see another great benefit of your product, a developmental one. My baby was becoming frustrated trying to crawl in her clothies but two afternoons in Pea Pods and she's off, I could see she had the machination but her ability was impaired until I put her in the magic nappies (that's what my husband calls them) Thankyou.


Pea Pods are the only nappy that keeps my little man dry throughout the night! Keep up the great work!