Award winning reusable nappies with adjustable leg elastic.

Voted Australia's best reusable nappy!

Pea Pods are the smart choice when it comes to choosing what's best for you, your baby and the environment.

Not only can Pea Pods save you around $1,000 per year compared to disposable nappies, but choosing to use modern cloth nappies can also help save the environment from being filled with unnecessary waste.

And, choosing Pea Pods reusable cloth nappies will mean you don't compromise on two other important factors when it comes to keeping your baby dry - convenience and performance. Here's why...

      • ONE Size from birth to toilet training
      • Ultra absorbent - bamboo insert
      • Waterproof, breathable outer layer
      • Soft stay-dry lining
      • Trim fit
      • Simple to use
      • Easy to wash

We offer a range of reusable cloth nappies, plus we also stock 100% bamboo nappy liners, nursing pads, toilet training pants and our popular swim nappies. Ranked Australia's best reusable nappy since 2014, we're passionate about the benefits of cloth nappies!